Saturday, 18 February 2012

‘Vivek will do anything for cheap publicity’ says Sanjay Gupta !!

Since he announced his new venture ‘Shootout At Wadala, Sanjay Gupta has been mired in controversy.
First Vidya opted out citing date problems, then rumour had it that Asin refused. However, Gupta denied ever approaching Asin, resulting in a volley of allegations. Moreover, after Gupta had show the door to Vivek, Vivek said that he had rejected Gupta’s film.
Clearing the air on all controversies, Gupta said, “Vivek Oberoi is a joke which is not even funny anymore but his ridiculous statements make me laugh. I think he is the Prince of Ghaziabad who will get his KLPD. And Asin is being silly about the whole thing. She should know where to stop.”
Gary Van Shipley, spokesperson of White Feather Films, said, “Asin is not even in the league of Deepika, Priyanka or Sonam that one would get publicity out of her. I have never spoken or met her. Where is the question of me offering the film? The lesser said the better about Vivek as we all know what he can do to get cheap publicity.”

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