Thursday, 16 February 2012

Preity Zinta’s request to her fans

We are all aware that the dimple queen Preity Zinta is shooting for her latest film Ishq In Paris. Well, the actress was surrounded by fans on Valentine’s Day, clicking her pics and circulating them all around the internet. Preity requests them not to prematurely leak pictures taken on the sets.
“Busy day at work on Valentine’s but guess what … Met some wonderful fans, got tonnes of roses and had a great day at work! Ting :-) Perfect. One humble request to all my fans … Please come and see the shoot, take as many photos you want but pls Dont put them on the internet as it leaks the look of the film and affects the movie negatively,”Preity posted on her Twitter page.
“When I am off set, I am more than happy to take photos … As long as you keep them for yourself! Otherwise I am very happy to see all you eager beavers on set :-) ))) Hope it is not too much for me to ask you guys??? What say you?” she added.
“Ishq In Paris” is an Indo-French production, directed by Prem Soni.

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