Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Abhishek Bachchan miffed with Jet Airways!!

We are all aware of the dispute actress Ayesha Takia had with the Kingfisher airlines, last week. Now, the latest news is that actor Abhishek Bachchan also seems to have a problem but with another operator.
Well, Jr Bachchan was not allowed to board a Jet Airways flight, despite being issued a boarding pass. And guess what was the reason given?? Well, he had come late.
The upset actor tweeted, “Jet Airways, you just lost one of your most loyal customers.”
Abhi had opted for the 5:30 am flight to Jaipur, for his film shoot.
However a source maintains that the actor had reached the airport in time. “In fact, Abhishek had even been given the boarding pass at the check-in counter. And strangely his luggage wasn’t loaded either even though he had asked for it to be checked in” .
“It seems that she didn’t inform her colleagues at the last counter before boarding the flight. Even after Abhishek wasn’t allowed to get onto the aircraft, she could have intervened because she had issued the boarding pass.
But it looks like she didn’t care much and didn’t take the initiative of attending to a passenger despite no fault of his,” he added.
The spokesperson of Jet Airways stated, “We were awaiting the guest’s arrival for the early morning Jaipur flight. However, due to boarding gate closure procedures for all airlines to depart on time, the guest could not be accommodated on this flight.
The guest was looked after at the lounge and an alternate flight was offered. Inconvenience caused to the guest is regretted.”

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