Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Soha feels reluctant to accept her mistakes

It’s no secret that Soha Ali Khan is dating Kunal Khemu and so far, they are going pretty strong. In a recent interview, Soha confessed that, accepting her mistakes is the most difficult thing to do. Talking about Kunal, she says that he feels, possessiveness in every relationship, is important.
At an upcoming episode of UTV Stars’ “Superstar Santa”, where Soha plays a peacemaker between a couple, the actress said,
“I am very proud and find it extremely difficult to say the word ‘sorry’. I usually end up arguing a lot in the bargain.” 
“In fact, in our relationship, I have said the least number of ‘sorries’ as compared to Kunal. But it’s something I’m working on…I’m learning to say ‘sorry’ more often to Kunal,”she added.
Kunal was present on the show, too. He said, “Aha…finally you admit! And this time on national television.”
According to Kunal, it is very important to be possessive about each other in a relationship, inorder to sustain it.
“If you aren’t possessive at all about your lover, then there is reason to be worried. It just goes to show that you don’t really care.”
“Superstar Santa”, is all about, celebrities solving issues related to friends, families and romantic relationships.

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