Saturday, 28 January 2012

Deepika and Sidharth call it quits?

The last time Deepika Padukone and her billionaire boyfriend Sidhartha Mallya made a public appearance together was err eh errrrr, well, we guess at Arpita Khan’s party… It’s been almost three months now that the couple are seen together.
Things started to get evident when, Deepy wasn’t spotted at Sid’s new year bash. Even Sidharth was by his ladylove at her birthday party earlier this month.
A source closed to the star, talking about their strained relationship says, “Since August 2010, they have made several appearances together. But if you recall, they have been strangely cold and aloof while talking about their relationship. But all of us wanted to believe that they were headed for something stronger when Sidhartha dined with Deepika’s family.”
If rumors are to be believed, the tension between the couple started when Deepika signed a film opposite Ranbir Kapoor. Also it is heard that Ranbir Kapoor has been sending his ex gifts as a mark of their new-found friendship.
According to a few common friends, Sidhartha has talked about this tension to few of his friends that “the relationship is not working and heading nowhere.”
Deepika However, refused to comment.

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