Wednesday, 25 January 2012

On the sets of Aamir Khan’s reality show...

On Monday evening, a fire broke out on the sets of Aamir Khan’s upcoming TV show Vrundavan Studio, Madh Island.
Explaining the cause of the fire, an unit member said, “Someone from the technical department was doing a routine round of check in the night. While checking the lighting section there was a spark and then the fire spread onto the entire floor. In fact, the very same day, a team of around 20 members from Aamir’s office had visited the set during the day to take some creative calls.”
Reports have it that though no one was hurt, the entire set, designed for the show, burnt down to ashes.
Aamir Khan, the punctilious planner that he is, had reportedly put in place a team to avert such a mishap. It is heard that a team of four were specially trained to tackle such emergencies.
The unit member informed, “It was good that they were there considering the fire brigade took some time to reach. The fire caused a lot of damage to the estimated Rs 1 crore set.”
Confirming the news, Aamir said, “I am just very relieved that there were no injuries or casualties. Thank God.”

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