Friday, 20 January 2012

Kareena acts like a link between Aamir and Imran..

Kareena Kapoor has now become a messenger for the bhanja-mama jodi, Aamir and Imran. Wondering what we are talking? Well, since both Aamir and his bhanja, Imran are busy with their respective films, the two have hardly met each other in a while now.
Imran, is busy promoting his upcoming film, Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, while Aamir is shooting for Talaash. Now, Kareena being a part of both the film, is playing a messengers role to both, the mama and the bhanja. The actress lets out all teh information about Imran to Aamir and vice versa.
Says a source, “Imran always ends up inquiring about his mamujaan and Kareena happily gives him all the updates. And likewise on the sets of Talaash, Aamir wants to what his bhanja has been up to.”

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