Saturday, 7 January 2012

Manisha to finally divorce husband?

The buzz is that Manisha Koirala has made a final decision to separate from her husband, Samrat Dahal and has moved back to Mumbai. The actress had married a much youngerSamrat Dahal in June 2010 in a hurry. The problems with the marriage showed up immediately after.
Just six months after the wedding, she had posted on the social networking site, Facebook that she wanted to divorce her husband, which she soon said that she got carried away in a fit of rage and changed her mind. Soon after she called her husband her worst enemy on the same site.
Now, however, it seems like she has finally decided on breaking the marriage. She is said to have settled down in Mumbai.
Recently, she invited her friends for a party at her residence and at the party, she is said to have announced that she’s going through the process of divorcing her husband.

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