Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Do NOT call Sanjay Dutt ‘Kancha Cheena'

Sanjay Dutt’s powerful performance in his latest film ‘Agneepath’, has definitely won millions of hearts. His name in the film, ‘Kancha Cheena’, has now become a synonym to a villain. However, Sanju baba is not very fond of the name Kancha.
Recently, Hirthik Roshan threw a big bash for the success of his latest film, ‘Agneepath’. Sanjay Dutt was a also a part of it. At around 2:30 am, after partying really hard, when Sanju walked out of the party, he was approached by a number of photographers. Suddenly, one of them shouted out ‘Kancha’ to attract his attention and click him.
Unlike Vidya Balan, who enjoys being called ‘Silk’, off screen, Sanjay Dutt seemed furious and snapped at the photographer. The actor’s behavior shocked the cameramen around him.
We wonder what’s the reason behind this.

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