Saturday, 10 March 2012

Vidya Balan gets her first National Award..

Vidya Balan’s avatar as Silk Smitha, won her the best actress award at all the award events this year. Winning a National Award for her performance was not a big deal. However, the actress still can’t believe her eyes as she holds the prestigious trophy.
Vidya Balan told CNN-IBN after winning the award, “I want to believe it..long cherished dream has come true…. my first…I don’t know what to say….I want to thank director Milan Luthira for giving me this film. This is really unbelievable…It is the biggest honour of the ocuntry…it is very speical…every award is special.”
Adds the actress, “As the role is concerned, it really required mentally to be totally uninhibited…the film’s success has opened a lot of opportunities especially the kind of roles for the female actors. It is very nice to see that the line between so called meaningful cinema and commercial has blurred.”

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