Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sneha Ullal new sexy Avatar!!

We wonder what’s gone in Sneha Ullal’s head. The girl with a girl-next-door image, has suddenly turned into a bombshell, overnight. The actress has posted her image change sexy video titles ‘LICK’, on the web.
The Aishwarya Rai lookalike actress failed to impress the Bollywood audience and so she went down south, where she did manage to get a bit of fame and make a name for herself
We guess, the actress now wanted to publicize herself and so she went on to get herself clicked in her latest video ‘LICK’. in the images, we see that the actress is donned in a loose white, transparent top, enough to see her curvy bod. She is seen subtly enticing her prey.
While talking to a daily, she says, “Only those who are not familiar with Hollywood films will call this video sleazy…Also, there is no skin show in the footage at all, not even cleavage. These are just some seductive expressions, done without stripping…”
If this wasn’t enough, the actress confirms that there are more videos coming up.
Do you think an actress needs to do this to make a name in the film world?

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