Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Ranbir Kapoors’s world tour postponed !!!

Ranbir Kapoor’s much anticipated world tour appears to have hit a major roadblock. The tour that was previously scheduled for August-September 2012 has been postponed to a latter date. And, if rumours are to be believed, it may not happen at all this year.
Apparently Ranbir wants to concentrate only on films, at least for the time being. Any commitment on the world tour would also mean a lot of dates for rehearsals etc. And a lot of filmmakers have been queuing up for Ranbir to star in their projects after Rockstar. So he has decided he’d rather focus on those.
This isn’t the first time the tour has been postponed. Originally slated for July 2011 soon after Rajneeti hit theatres, the tour was put off till after Rockstar saw the light of day, as the father-son duo of Rishi and Ranbir felt it needed some foot-thumping songs to be a success.
The much-awaited tour has indeed gone through multiple changes. Initially, Ranbir, Deepika, Sonam and Shahid were to be on it. Later, Deepika and Sonam were replaced by Priyanka and Katrina. A couple of days ago, Shahid excused himself reportedly because he was miffed with the fact that the tour was being promoted as ‘Ranbir’s World Tour’ and he wasn’t getting enough publicity.

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