Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Shiney Ahija once again accused of sexual harassment

Trouble and Shiney Ahuja, walk hand-in-hand. Yet again, Shiny lands himself in hot soup.  The actor has been written off from Bollywood, ever since he was involved in a rape case. Now, the latest accusation he faces is of sexual harassment from actress Sayali Bhagat.
An upcoming horror flick Ghost has Sayali acting opposite Shiney Ahuja. The actress recently revealed that during the shooting of the film, Shiney used to make indecent passes at her. Buzz also has it that Shiney even pinched her butt. However, Sayali denies it.
“During an intimate scene, he (Shiney) took me to the makeup room and made me hold his hands and look into his eyes and feel the ‘warmth’. I chose to ignore,”Sayali Bhagat says in a interview.
It also happened that during a scene where Sayali teaches him to chop vegetables,Shiney forced her to feel up his arms n number of times. Not jus Sayali but the light-man too got frustrated and walked out. Even between shots, Shiny used to whisper in Sayali’s ear that they should hook up.
Sayali is now looking forward to file a police complaint against Shiney.

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